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Seven year old Daisy is enjoying the carefree life of a typical second grader. She has loving parents and an awesome older sister Vivian, 
who is her confidant and greatest source of inspirational advice. Everything seems perfect in Daisy’s world; until the day she confides 
in Vivian she is unhappy with her kinky hair. Her Afro puffs don’t bounce and move like the long, wavy hair of her best friend, Grace; 
who is of Dominican descent. Daisy is certain it is Grace’s hair that makes her the envy of all the other children on the block. A heart 
to heart talk with Vivian and a perfectly timed thunderstorm reinforces the fact that real beauty comes from the heart AND there is 
beauty, and benefits in Daisy’s kinky hair!  Your Own Kind of Beautiful; the first book in the Walking With Grace Series explores the topic 
of finding beauty from within. Delivered in a fun, poetic style, this book encourages young readers to embrace the beauty of diversity, and OWN 
their unique set of traits because truthfully, the characteristics we dislike the most about ourselves are usually the very same qualities that 
others admire the most!

Your Own Kind of Beautiful