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True Friendship


"True Friendship" is a story about how the imagination of children can have endless possibilities when friends come together and learn how differences are the things that connect us. Kyndal and her friends all have unique challenges and each story will help children navigate their challenges one adventure at a time. This story introduces the children to the recent diagnoses of autism of their good friend and their difficulty learning how to see the world from a new perspective. The stories will introduce readers to children from low-income families and children learning how to manage their anger in a world that doesn't always seem to hear their voices. Young readers will be introduced to the importance of sharing and acceptance. The characters in these stories will come from all types of families and the lessons learned will allow them to imagine a world where all things are possible. Imagine that!

You're Own Kind of Beautiful


Your Own Kind of Beautiful introduces us to the family and best friend of seven-year-old Daisy, who is a beautiful African American girl experiencing confusion in defining the difference between true beauty and physical beauty.  This book is a phenomenal tool that can be used to boost self-esteem and self-worth in girls cross-culturally. Your Own Kind of Beautiful! is a great conversation starter; ideal for the talks that all mothers should have with their daughters as they begin to navigate the often bumpy road to self-discovery. As a classroom tool, it promotes cultural awareness by giving the readers a glance into friendships that span across cultures; encouraging diverse friendships, and genuine kindness. Written in a fun poetic style, Your Own Kind of Beautiful is a celebration of loving the skin we are in!

Embrace It!




Isaiah has begun second grade and he is full of joy! He is in love with his classroom design and has made new friends, as well. But something unexpected happens when Isaiah tries to solve a math problem. The tablet keeps making a loud noise, indicating that his answer is incorrect, and he quickly becomes angry. Isaiah reacts by picking up his tablet and slamming it down in frustration! Read the rest of the story to see what happens next!

Welcome to Bonnerville

There's nothing else quite like an HBCU, Historically Black College /University, Homecoming and that's exactly what these siblings find out on their first trip to their very own Homecoming!

Black Southern Belle Blog


A native of the U.S. Virgin Islands, "Jae" is an illustrator that strives to create magical content for children of diverse backgrounds. Her focus is on diverse representation in story and visual

development through children's books and animation.


Her mission is to provide the youth of today a window into themselves through

inspiration, imagination, and illustration.