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J'Aaron Merchant, a Caribbean-American Creative Director, that specializes in character design, illustration, & visual development. She's an all-around content creator for animation, living her best life in California!


A proud graduate of the illustrious Savannah State University with animation studies from SCAD, She's had the pleasure of working with some pretty cool folks like Black Paper Party,

Disney Jr., Sesame Street, and Brown Rabbit Studios just to name a few.
She thrives on infusing magic and inclusivity into every story that she gets the opportunity to create!

Her passion for inclusive storytelling and whimsical imagination allows her to craft enchanting worlds for both animation and literature. As the co-founder and former chief creative of Black Paper Party, J'Aaron has had the pleasure of creating the beloved Klaus Family and their many holiday adventures as well as all of the other stunning characters that define the brand.

With her edgy flair and infectious creativity, J'Aaron continues to make waves in the design world of animation and literature. So dive in, explore my work, and let's create something amazing together!

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Black Paper Party
Disney Jr. 

Brown Rabbit Studios
Sesame Street Workshop
DAP Productions
MacMillian Publishing 
Zazou Productions
Bentonville Film Festival

Bright Agency
Fayetteville Film Festival
Bentonville Film Festival
Midnight Reflections
Vasthy & Friends
Tallahatchie Tells
Fixer to Fab 
She Plays MKE

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